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Tourism in Guwahati

Tourist Places To Visit in ​the City

​Are you planning a trip to Guwahati soon? If you are, you are in for a real treat! This beautiful part of the planet that we call home has plenty on offer. In fact, in Guwahati there is so much to see and do, your only problem will likely be not having enough time for everything you want to do! But not to worry about it. Our official website about Guwahati Tourism will try to make this problem go away from your life. Also, we offer best packages for out tourists in an affordable price points.

Guwahati War Memorial - Photo taken by

Just to get you started in deciding on your travel itinerary we have chosen to tell you about a few of the places that we think are very worthy of consideration. Ready to get started? Great, here we go!

​Below are some of the best places to visit in Guwahati you can start off. ​Guwahati-Tourism.Com is always there to showcase the best information we have for you. Let's take a look at it what are some best places to visit for sure if you are in the city.

​1) Take a trip to Assam State Zoo

It is a zoo that will take you all day to get around! Unlike small zoos which can only provide a couple of hours of entertainment, Assam State Zoo is spread out over 130 acres! That's right, and you shouldn't hear the kids complaining they are bored during the day of the zoo visit!

Beautiful Birds Playing in Assam State Zoo

​Assam State Zoo is one of the main tourist attractions in the area and for a good reason. You will be able to admire some rare and endangered species during your visit to the zoo, as well as many favourite animals. A few of the creatures that are sure to thrill you are the white tigers, the one-horned rhinos, and the beautiful leopards. Just be sure to have your camera fully charged as you are going to find plenty of fantastic photo opportunities at this attraction!

​Don't worry. You don't need to go hungry during your trip to the Assam State Zoo! Since it is such a big complex, there are several places where you can take a break from the excitement and buy something to eat. Once refuelled you will be ready to explore the next part of this exciting attraction.

​2) ​Enjoy a day at Guwahati Planaterium

Photo of the city Planetarium

For people who love the universe, the Guwahati Planetarium is an absolute must. However, it is not just universe lovers who will be enthralled and impressed with this attraction. The chance to gaze up at our incredible universe, at least a tiny fraction of it, is something that is sure to inspire and impress pretty much anyone!

The Planetarium offers Sky Watching Sessions which run at regular intervals, however that is not all that is on offer at this magical attraction. The complex has a dome-shaped screen where sometimes projects specials shows. The showings typically run every two hours so regardless of what time you make it to the planetarium at, you should be able to avail of a show. They are in English, Hindi, and Assamese so just let the staff know which language you would like.

​These shows are worth seeing, in fact for many visitors they are the highlight of their visit to the Planetarium. If you plan to visit this attraction for the day, be sure to allow enough time to gaze at the stars, as well as be inspired by the show. In short, the Guwahati is a great day out for the whole family and one that is sure to leave a lasting impression for a long time to come.

3) Assam State Museum

Assam State Museum Main Buiiding

Also known as the Assam State Museum, this is an attraction that is sure to give you a real taste of the destination which you have decided to visit. In fact, being one of the best-known museums in the North East of India, you are sure to be able to soak in the culture and vibe of this beautiful location.

The museum is also in a very convenient location for tourists since it is situated right in the center of the city. Being in such an ideal location means it is usually a busy and bustling place. You will likely come across a variety of other tourists, as well as a good few history buffs during your visit to the museum.

​The State Museum has a rich history. In 1940, during colonization of British in India, the museum had its start. It had a purpose of boasting the handicrafts, sculptures, and traditions of North East India at the time. In 1953 the museum was taken on by the State.

​Visitors to the museum can enjoy a rich choice of artefacts and sculptures some of which go right back to the fifth century. However, not everything here dates back quite so long! Visitors can also enjoy the more modern artefacts from World War Two. For people who love learning about the culture, history, and traditions of the destination they are visiting, the Guwahati State Museum is certainly worthy of a visit.

​4) Enjoy a day at the Suburban town of Pandu

Of course, you do not need to stay in the city for the entire duration of your trip. Why not get yourself out of the hustle and bustle for awhile and enjoy a day in the suburban town of Pandu. The town is named after King Pandu, a famous name in this part of the world, and is home to much of the culture and tradition of the area.

Pandu Guwahati

​5) Enjoy an afternoon at Nehru park

A Hot Afternoon In Guwahati Nehru Park

When visiting a new location, there is nothing quite as special as enjoying a few hours in the local park. A visit to Nehru Park is sure to live up to that expectation. You will find a sense of peace and tranquillity in the park, a perfect haven for getting away from all of the hustle and bustle and catching your breath.

Whether you are alone, with friends or enjoying a break with family, this park is sure to give you all chance to soak in the atmosphere and uniqueness of the place you are visiting. If there are children in your travel party, you should most certainly make sure that you don't miss out on Nehru Park. This outdoor location boasts plenty of fun and exciting facilities to keep the little ones active and having fun.

​For further reading you can read it here Guwahati Nehru Park

​6) Gaze in awe at Saraighat bridge

Bridges are incredible demonstrations of engineering. In fact, when it comes to being impressive, Saraighat Bridge does not fail to please. The bridge takes cars and trains over the Brahmaputra waterway in Assam and provides the essential means of connection for people from the North East and everyone else in the nation. From the top of the bridge, you will find the perfect vantage point to get a great view of the river. In fact, be sure to have your camera at the ready as this spot has the potential for some amazing pictures to take home with you.

Saraighat Bridge of Guwahati

​7) Spend time at Brahmaputra river side

A windy day at Brahmaputra river side

It's not just the bridge that is worthy of your time and your camera when visiting this stunning area, Brahmaputra riverside is also an exceptional spot to spend some time. If you want to make the most of this idyllic location, we recommend that you set aside time in an early morning or a late evening. Why do we make such a recommendation? In a few words; because you will be truly awe inspired!

This stunning location comes into it's on during these two times of the day and boasts views that are nothing short of spectacular. It truly is a majestic spot to take a chance to reflect on life, nature and the beautiful location that you have decided to visit.

​If you take advantage of the riverside spot during these times of day, you will likely see boats making their way between main Guwahati and North Guwahati. The scene is rather enchanting and wishes you could spend every morning or evening taking in the sights and get a taste of this beautiful riverside spot.

​8) Visit Food Villa to treat your taste buds truly!

Guwahati Food Villa Restaurant

Who doesn't like to try the local food when they are away? In fact, for many tourists, being able to visit local restaurants and eateries and sample the traditional dishes is what their time away is all about.

Sampling the food of the area you are visiting is a great way to embrace your surroundings. You will be able to taste the local produce, learn about the common herbs and spices that are used in traditional recipes and enjoy something that you may never have even tried before. Of course, you may not like everything new that you try, but that is all part and parcel of the experience! Be brave and try plenty of local dishes when staying in Guwahati!

To try all of the local food, you need to know where to go to find it! Don't worry. You won't need to go off the beaten track to find some fabulous cuisine. Right in the middle of the city, you will find Foodvilla. It's a must for foodies and anyone who wants to sample something local when visiting the area. If you fancy dining somewhere that is modern, attracts the locals of the city and knows how to provide comfortable and plush surroundings for its diners, you may very well love Panbazar.

9) Enjoy the culture of Sualkuchi 

A town that is renowned for weaving, and hence is known as a weaver's town, Sualkuchi gives visitors an opportunity to embrace the culture and feel of the area. The city is known for its silk weaving and boasts a rich history and atmosphere. Of course, it is always nice to bring a little something back from your time away, either for yourself or for friends and family. Perhaps during a visit to this town, you will be able to find a memento that truly captures just how unique and magical the area is.

Guwahati Sualkuchi

​10) Enjoy the entertainment on offer with an evening spent at cafe Hendrix

We all love a little entertainment when away from home. What better way to enjoy an evening of entertainment than at a live blues bistro? Indeed, you will come away feeling musically inspired and ready to take up an instrument when you get home (unless you are already a musician that is!) This venue boasts musicians from North East India and is sure to please, not just blues lovers, but anyone who enjoys quality entertainment when away.

Guwahati Cafe Hendrix - A band playing music


​​Certainly, it is more than clear that the destination of Guwahati has plenty to offer for tourists. In fact, regardless of the type of attraction, you enjoy or the experiences you like to have when away, you are sure to find something in ​the city that will excite you personally. ​Lastly, tourism in Guwahati ​is growing day by day ​which makes tourists excitement towards the city to the next level. The packages that we offer are always in the best interest of our customers. Our Guwahati travel agency always run on the principle of customer first approach. ​We always thrive on giving our tourists the best experience ​we have, to make your journey in Assam and Northeast most memorable.

​Again, we will stretch, if you are travelling with family be sure to visit the State Zoo. With over 130 acres to explore and a wide variety of animals, to see, including rare species, the kids are sure to sleep well after a day spent at this fun and educational attraction.

​The Planetarium, as well as the museum, also provide exciting experiences where everyone can learn something new at the same time. In fact, whether you have children in your travel party or not, these attractions are great for all ages.

​Of course, when you need a little time to get away from all of the hustle bustle and relax, there is no shortage of places to find. Nehru Park is a heaven of tranquillity, as well as the beautiful riverside. Remember, if you plan to spend time at the riverside, try to make it early morning or evening so that you can soak in the atmosphere and vibe of the area. It will make you want to stay for hours!

​Finally, when in Guwahati, be sure to sample as much of the local food as possible, it's sure to give your taste buds a real treat! FoodVilla is one great location for sampling the local cuisine, although there are plenty more options as well. Whatever you choose to do while visiting this stunning location, be sure to embrace every single second of it!

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