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Your Guide To Guwahati Paltan Bazaar

Guwahati is the area that you will discover a rich history and culture of the State of Assam. It is recognized as the city that is the most developed in the whole of north-east India. The majority of tourists who come to Assam and the neighboring states in most cases fly to Guwahati to spend a day or two in city before moving onto additional travel destinations in India.

Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazar is one of the localities of Guwahati, Assam and is surrounded by areas that include Pan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, Rehabari and Dighalipukhri. It is situated in the middle of this city and is known as the hub for transportation and hotels in Guwahati. This area is also considered to be highly busy and congested.

Next to the Guwahati Railway Station and the home to the Assam State Transport Corporation Bus Terminal, Paltan Bazar is one of the top thriving trade centres and market places. This area is filled with street shops, shopping complexes, restaurants and hotels. Because of the bus terminal and railway station, Paltan Bazar is a place that never goes to sleep. This market place is crowded throughout the day and night, so tourists and visitors need to be aware of the many commuters that pass through the markets.

The furniture market in Paltan Bazaar offers the ideal solution to every office and home need you can think of. The home-decoration materials are extensive in the countless stalls and shops. Shoppers are always busy haggling and bargaining over North-Eastern tribal articles and garments made from wood or clay along with bamboo products. Other attractions include the tea types that can be found at the Indian Tea House.

How To Get To Paltan Bazar

• From The Railway

The Guwahati Railway Station is around 5 km from the Paltan Bazar. It takes a 10-minute walk from the station to the Bazar. Many of the hotels close to Paltan Bazar offer cab services that run from and to the railway station.

• From The Airport

Paltan Bazar in Guwahati is approximately 22 km away from the Guwahati Airport. If you stay in a hotel close to Paltan Bazar, the private taxis are suggested as one of the quickest ways to reach your hotel and Paltan Bazar.

Hotels Close To Paltan Bazar

There are not many luxury hotels in Guwahati Paltan Bazar, but there are various budget Paltan Bazar hotels. A few of the top-rated 3-star hotels in Paltan Bazar include the Hotel Hornbill, Rains Inn-Eco Friendly Hotel, Hotel SJ International, Hotel Nandan and Hotel Kiranshree Portico. A few of the top-rated budget hotels in the area include Hotel Brindavan, Hotel Millennium, Hotel Rodali Residency, Hotel Tibet and Hotel Siroy Lily. The cheaper hotels include Hotel Maa Tara, Hotel Siroy Classic, Hotel Ambassador, Hotel M.M and Hotel Suncity.

Attractions Near Paltan Bazar

When visiting Guwahati, a few of the sought-after tourist attractions in the area close to Paltan Bazar include Assam State Museum, Manas National Park, Basistha Ashram Temple, Bhuvaneswari Temple and more. The majority of Guwahati Paltan Bazar hotels offer taxi services to any of the tourist attractions, which guarantees a safe and hassle-free journey for tourists and visitors to the area.

Shopping Destinations Close To Paltan Bazar

There are several stores sell computer inventories that come from various areas of the North-East that can be found in Paltan Bazar. A few of the malls situated in Paltan Bazar include Dona Planet, Central Mall, and the Hub Shopping Mall. There are a variety of hotels situated in close vicinity to these shopping districts.

Cafes And Restaurants Close To Paltan Bazar

A few of the top-rated eating spots close to Paltan Bazar include 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro, Yo! China, Three Guys and Foodie’s World. The majority of the hotels based in Paltan Bazar also offer many local and tasty dishes.

Top Dishes To Try When Visiting Paltan Bazar

• Rolls Mania

Rolls Mania situated in Center One Mall in Paltan Bazar serves a selection of yummy snacks. One of the favourites includes their Aloo Fry Roll which is a roll filled with spicy aloo. The potato (aloo) is first deep-fried, and then they make the roll. These snacks are served with khatti chutney and meethi.

• Frozen Stone

Also situated in the Center One Mall, Frozen Stone serves some delectable frozen desserts. One of the favourites includes the Paan Banaras Ice Cream. This dish includes vanilla ice-cream topped with homemade meetha-paan and dates. Another famous favourite includes the Fresh Fruits and Nuts Ice Cream, which is a cool and delectable delight made from nuts and fruit extracts.

• Sagar Ratna

The restaurant known as Sagar Ratna can be found in the Hotel Sagar. This restaurant is famous for their Mutter Malai Methi dish. This tasty dish is made from methi, malai and peas and is served with chapatti and naan. Another dish includes the Paneer Shimla, which is an updated version from the traditional Kadhai Paneer. This dish is chili paneer served in a tasty gravy.

• Trans Curry

This restaurant is situated in Hotel Nandan and serves up a number of traditional Indian dishes. One of the top dishes includes the Stuffed Tandoori Aloo Masala which involves tandoori aloo accompanied by a stuffing. It is the stuffing that makes this dish so yummy. One of the best ways to enjoy this side or main dish is to dip the aloo into a green chutney.

• Food’s Restaurant

This dining spot can be found just behind Hotel Nandan and is famous for its fresh and tasty vegetarian meals. Their Veg Noodles Soup is a top favourite and is full of vegetables that include cabbage, carrots, celery and beans. The noodles just add to the flavor of this wonderful soup while the Chinese tadka present in the noodles and soup is out of this world. Another famous favourite is their Veg Mushroom Soup. The mushrooms are first deep-fried before they are added into the soup and is a recommended dish for those soup lovers.

• Foodie Lovers

Foodie Lovers is an extremely popular eating spot found close to the Paltan Bazaar Flyover. When visiting this store, be sure to try the Masala Cheese Dosa. This famous dosa is excellent for people that enjoy South Indian food. Another favourite includes their Egg Cheese Roll, an egg-roll made with egg bhurji and egg accompanied by a tasty cheesy touch.

• M K Bar And Restaurant

One of the favourite dishes at M K Bar and Restaurant includes their Mutton Do Pyaza. This mutton-dish is filled with exotic spices and goes extremely well with rice and chapatti.

• Food Exx

Situated opposite Asom Paryatan Bhavan, Food Exx serves up a number of delicious and creamy curries. Their Chicken Elaichi Korma is one of their best sellers, and the elaichi really adds to a tasty and aromatic dish. Another favourite includes the Mixed Chow described as a chowmein made with a variety of vegetables and different noodle styles. For those that enjoy a chowmein, this is one of the top-rated dishes to try.

• Wings

Situated opposite the Volvo stand in Paltan Bazaar, Wings serves up a famous dish known as Veg Frankie. This vegetarian snack is made to resemble a roll but is much tastier than any standard vegetable roll. This Frankie goes exceptionally well with desi chutney and ketchup.


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