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In today’s world, you must find ways to create quality content for an effective marketing campaign. Even big companies and retailers are implementing it.

Today, we will see how you can create valuable content that people will love to share. The harsh reality is, you can crank out a high volume of amazing articles but still face a low conversion rate. The reason behind this is the lack of audience insights. Your blog posts must answer the visitors’ core needs to earn their attention.

Your content must stand out and strike a chord with your visitors. You can’t expect to write that kind of compelling content with your gut feelings. You need to do the research beforehand.

Below you can find some proven methods that will make you more knowledgeable and help you create an audience-centric content that they will love to share about.

1. Social Media Monitoring

You are most likely watching your brand or company name mentions, which is an excellent thing to do, but you need to go beyond that. You or your team have to expand the attention on different social media platforms by picking up various trends, social cues, and identifiable weak signals. It also includes any industry-relevant topics, news, and even your customers’ ideas for fresh uses of your products.

2. Make Every Possible Effort To Know Your Customers

If you are thinking about your customers just a faceless demographics than you are making a huge mistake. You must find ways to know your customers at a deeper level.

For most of the time, there is a high chance that you’ve got a CRM with a buttload of data you’re not mining. Your sales team should be putting each and every interaction (if necessary, you must train them).

Notes from the customer service team, like comments and complaints from customers, are a great inspiration source. By compiling their needs and pain points, you will be able to write compelling content and get inside your customer’s head.

A study was done by Invesp, where they found that knowing your buyer persona can boost up your conversion rate by 238%. So, developing a system to understand your customers can pay off in a big manner.

3. Take a close look at your competitors

If you want to know what’s working best in your industry, then the competitive analysis is the answer. By observing what the likings and dislikings of competitors audience are, you can know in advance what your audience will value the most.

This will achieve by auditing the content of your competitors and get a clear picture of the current scenario in your industry. This information can further utilize to improve your marketing objective and SEO services in Guwahati

4. Test Your Title

Boring title in today’s attention-deficit world is an ingredient for a perfect storm. How’s your content going to be shared if no one is reading it?

You have to come with different title ideas and test different variations to see which one is getting the most CTR. In this case, a tool like Buzzsumo will help you a lot in finding the most hooked titles of your specific industry.

5. Read The Research

Buzzsumo did research last year, where they analyzed a gigantic list of 100 million random articles to determine the factors behind social sharing. Few amazing things came to light.

Here are the findings: longer contents are getting the most attention, images are almost mandatory, and when articles are written on emotional value people tend to share more.

There was another research done back in 2013 by Brian Carter with the collaboration of Marketo. In this analysis, they found out that people love to share on Facebook when the article is backed by an industry report and statistical data.

Final Thoughts

It is almost impossible to predict how much traction your content will get. But, if you continuously churn out well-written articles that address your audience pain points and needs, it almost guaranteed your followers would grow over time. Never forget the three elements of great content: Knowledge, Representation, and Promotion. It is the content that gives you the opportunity to turn your followers to brand advocates.

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