Guwahati War Cemetery, Silpukhuri

Guwahati War Cemetery is in Silpukhuri dwells at the foot of Nabaghar hill or Citrachal hill. It is a crematory of the soldiers of World War II. That is why it is dedicated to those soldiers who died in World War II. Popularly known as Guwahati War Cemetery; it has crematories of soldiers of different countries and different caste and religion. It has cemeteries of soldiers from the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Africa and of India( before partition ).

Guwahati War Cemetery has total 523numbers of crematories of soldiers who died in WWII and 6 individual ones. Among these 250 crematories are of British soldiers, 4 are of Japanese and others are of different countries. Among these soldiers, the youngest one was Safi Ullah who was only 18 years old.

Apart from WWII, some other soldier crematory is also here who died after the period of WWII. This fascinating area is being managed by “Commonwealth War Grave Commission” of Yorkshire of England. In a vast area, you will see 523 crematories in rows. It is maintained in a disciplined way.

A huge Cross is in middle of the lawn. It is called “Cross of Sacrifice.” It is for the respect of the soldiers who lost their life. The British soldiers every year came here and celebrate “All Souls Day” in the memory of dead soldiers. Like this cemetery some other places of North-East Indian; like Digboi, Kohima, Imphal also has the cemetery of WWII.

After visiting this site, you can head towards the nearby Nabagraha temple, Assam State Museum, Planetarium.

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