War memorial of Guwahati

War Memorial is a temple for the martyr of India who fought for it and died for their motherland. It is dedicated to the martyrs. This place shows those soldiers’ love and respect for their homeland. This site aims to spread the message of patriotism among the mass and to make young generation know about the history of great martyrs. Its foundation was laid on 18th May in 2015 and was open for the visitors in December of 2016.

This War Memorial is near the Dighalipukhuri park in Latasil of Guwahati. It is on the back side of the High court. War Memorial campus is in such a way that from here the visitor can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the big Dighalipukhuri Tank.

Entry timings are 10 hours to 11 hours and then 13 hours to 20 hours. On every Tuesday it remains closed. This place doesn’t require any visiting fee. It’s open for all.

What is inside this campus?

Inside this campus, firstly you will see on the left-hand side an army tank and on the right-hand side a aircraft donated by Indian Army and Indian Air Force which was used in war. In front of that, you will see an environment of the Great Sariaghat Battle between the Ahoms and Mughals. You can go downstairs to see these statues from near.

Artist has created some sculptures of a boat at which warriors are fighting. This replica of Saraighat battle reminds every Assamese about the fight and make them think about their land. It tells the people how the chief warrior Lachit Barphukan had fought for Assam against Mughals and was able to defeat the enemies and save Assam. The center of attraction of this War Memorial is the history of great Battle of Saraighat which is the biggest war that ever happened in Assam yet. Apart from that big statue on the walls of this campus the battle of Saraighat is being described with the help of different artistry.

Along with this, you can also see how the soldiers faced and fought in wars like Kargil war, attack on Karachi by Indian Navy in 1971 and Sino -Indian War. Wall artistry represents all. A replica of ‘Amar jawan ‘ is also here. This a small place but yet so important. It is made to show respect and gratitude towards our martyrs. Please visit this site once, and you will step out with proud feelings about our soldiers.

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