Regional Science Museum Guwahati

Crazy about science?

If yes, then this place is for you.First, let us start with a brief introduction.

Regional Science Centre is popularly known amongst the mass as Science Museum. It is located at Khanapara area of Guwahati. The centre is under the units of National Council of Science museum functioned by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It was inaugurated on 15th March in 1994.

Afte observing, I can say, the objective of this centre is to promote science awareness among people, through fun ways. You will know here, many things of science, with practical demonstrations. Keep reading for details.

Opening Time, Ticket Fare, etc.

Have a close look at the tables below :

CategoriesTicket rates

General Visitors
Rs 20 per head

25 or more in a group
Rs 15 per head

Organised School Groups
Rs 10 per head

Government Schools
Rs 5 per head
10 AM5 PM

Please note here, after entering, the visitors can stay in the museum for extra half an hour i.e., till 5:30 PM.

The centre also organises different shows inside the building. Currently, they run three main shows – Cold show, Planetarium Show and 3D Show. Special tickets need to be collected from the ticket counter to enjoy it. Detail timing and ticket fare are given below:

ShowsTimingTicket fare
Cold Showwill be updatedwill be updated
Planetarium Show12 PM and 3 PMRs 20 for general visitors

Rs 15 for group of 25 or more person

Rs 10 for organised schools group

Rs 5 for government schools
3D Show11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM and 4:30 PMSame as above

What To Expect Inside?

The centre is divided into two part- Indoor and Outdoor.

Outer Area of Science Museum

The Outdoor attraction includes different types of parks.They are – Science park, Eco park,

Prehistoric Park, Medicinal & Aromatic garden, and Butterfly Park. Let’s discuss one by one.

  • While entering you will see a park named as Science Park which is full of science games and models, famous Indian scientists statues etc. A MIG-21 aircraft is being displayed here at the entrance for the visitor which is donated by Indian Air Force.Apart from science games, this park can also be used as a picnic hotspot.It spreads over into a large area where your family will enjoy the most.
  • In the Eco park, visitors can see various models of animals, plants and insects. Mainly, it tries to show the ecological system of the earth.
  • The Prehistoric park includes animals and plants model of the prehistoric era.You can get the ambience of that era by viewing beautiful models being displayed.
  • In the Medicinal & Aromatic garden, a large number of medicinal and aromatic plants is shown. A special feature of this park is that a visually challenged person can also know about these plants. It is possible as plants descriptions are also written in Braille system.
  • Lastly, in the Butterfly Park visitors can have a look at different types of butterflies. You will get an idea of the lifespan of butterflies. It is one of the unique display of the centre.

Now comes the Indoor part

It has mainly two buildings –  Main Building and The Aquarium building.

Main Building

The main building is of two storied. The ground floor of the Main building is divided into three sections – World of Chemistry, Innovation Hub and The Auditorium. A cafeteria is also at the ground floor. At the entrance lobby, you will see lots of interactive exhibits.This is the main hall of the ground floor.

  • In the World of Chemistry section, you will find experiences of chemistry and understand it with an interactive way.
  • Innovation Hub is a laboratory which is not for regular visitors. It is a department of the centre which organises “Innovation Festival” every year in the month of February. This Festival gives the mass an opportunity to show their innovations, demonstrations etc.
  • The auditorium is for the Cold show where you can enjoy the show with comfortable seats.

Entering the upstairs :

One can observe that it is being divided into different segments. It includes a special area for children,, fun science, mirror magic, planetarium, bio-machines, 3D theatre and Coal mine.

Let’s discuss briefly one by one..

  • There is a small area for children between age group 1-12 years approximately.Here children can learn science with the help of various games and activities.
  • In the T.V studio, one can learn how the pictures are being telecast from a studio to television sets. Your picture will be shown, on all the television inside the centre.Isn’t it cool?
  • Fun science is a very interesting showcase of this centre. Here you can learn about science related to our day to day life. Various scientific theories with interesting dummies are being displayed here.You just have to press a button for a live demonstration.It is fun and at the same time, you can learn many things about these theories.
  • Adjacent with fun science, there is the planetarium house.It is here, where the planetarium show being played. Nevertheless, please refer to the show timing and fare mentioned above.
  • Now comes the interesting mirror magic space.It comprises different types of mirrors from which you will know about the subject very well.You can see yourself in those mirrors and can have funny moments. As those mirrors change the shape of your body in the reflection.

Isn’t it quite interesting to learn science with full of fun and joyous moments?

A mirror maze is also there in the room.Entering at this maze you can have the feeling of getting lost. Do not worry, as you can easily find the exit path after putting some effort.

  • Bio-machine is a new portion included in the centre.Just go there without hesitation, and you will explore a different environment.As the name suggests, it mainly shows you biological science.It tries to portray biological science behind living beings of the earth.Different organs of animals, plants and human structure are shown.It also includes underwater living creatures.
  • After passing bio-machine area the 3D show hall comes.Here, in the 3D theatre, you will experience virtual reality.The 3D show arranges by the centre can be enjoyed here.It is a special show for which you need 3D show tickets as mention earlier. Visitors can watch this four times in a day.You can have fun with the 3D show at any one of these times.
  • Near the 3D hall, comes the most exciting section, the Coal Mine demonstration room. Entering into it will give you a true feeling of a real coal cave.You will see and learn about the process of coal mining from the beginning to the ending.You will find this as most interesting visualisation from Regional Science Centre of Guwahati.

Aquarium Building

Besides the main building, another building of aquarium is here. In this building, you will see various breeds of fishes. It includes, local to sea fishes, smaller to a larger one, and colourful to simple as well. The variety you will get here is absolute.


So, science museum of Guwahati is a place, where visitors can learn, and get the idea of science with full of enjoyment and fun. Hopefully, this article helps you decide whether to visit this museum or not.

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