Guwahati Nehru Perk


Nehru Park of Guwahati is a tremendous place to visit with family, parents, friends, your co-mates, etc. It is also a good place for the newly weds couple. If you are going on a date for the first time, then, you should go to this place in the evening time. The lighting of this area will light up your soul as well as make you more romantic. It helps you to feel comfortable with your beloved. Moreover, children of kindergarten and primary schools also come here. Teachers from different schools bring their students to this park for their amusement, as it has a beautiful play area for children.

Timings, Ticket rates

This park remains open from 10 A.M to 8 P.M, but it remains closed on every Thursday.

The tickets rates for 3 to 12 years is 5 rs per person and above 12 years and adults is 10 rs per person.

Location of the park

Nehru Park at Kachari area of Guwahati. Nearest bus stoppage to this park is Kachari. It is on cotton college road. One can identify this park quickly as it is in front of the famous Cotton College.

Why is this park unique?

This park is special as it is one of the oldest parks of Guwahati. You can call this park a center point of many things.

Let figure it out:

Towards the north direction of this park only a half k.m. away, there is an another cool place call Dighalipukhuri Park to hang out. You can come here to take a paddling boat, which brings lots of fun. Apart from this, if you are not from Guwahati, and you wanted to buy clothes of Assam Silk then you don't have to do hard work. Because towards the west side of the park only half k.m. away your Assam Silk is waiting for you at Panbazar area. Here you will find over 25+ stalls of Assam Silk. After, spending some time in Nehru park, you can go to Food Villa which is next to this park and can have some food to re-energize yourself.

What is inside the park?

This park is a combination of natural beauty and man made articles. It will give you a great experience and will illuminate your mood.After entering the park, towards the left side of the main gate, you will see a place consisting of different statues. These colored stones are representing various traditional dance forms and songs. They are like Bihu dance, jhumur, boro dance,tukari geet, jikir, etc.

What about sitting arrangements?

There are plenty of it.You can also sit on the beautiful green lawn as well. The park is of two parts by a lane towards a church.This church is right beside the park.If you choose, you can visit this beautiful church. A footbridge is astride the mentioned path, and this footbridge joins the both sides of the park. You can also choose another path to go to the same another side of the park.

What's the verdict?

You just come here and experience this beautiful park. Under the shade of trees and between the flowers, you and your beloved will feel romantic. If you are coming with your family and children, I can guarantee your time will fly. A special section for children with various playful equipment, and a maze that will surely love by your kids. Apart from all these, night view is more beautiful for its lighting system.


Every single person who came here return spending a high quality of time.It will be worth coming here once or twice, thrice. I still come here after so many years of staying in the city.

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