Dighalipukhuri Tank of Guwahati City


If I am given to choose a word for describing this place, then that word will be ‘Unique’. It is one of a kind.The beautiful scenery, cool breeze, lovely atmosphere and peaceful surroundings make this possible.I can keep going but let’s pause it here.

First, let’s start with the meaning of the name of this beautiful place.In Assamese, ‘Dighal’ means Long or stretched and ‘Pukhuri’ means a small water body like a lake. It is worth mentioning here; a site is a unit of Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.

So basically.

It is a place, with an elongated picturesque lake in the middle of the beautiful park. It is believed that the water body is here in this area from the ancient period. So, it does have a historical background too.

What is the historical context?

If I come down too hard facts, it is an ancient channel of the river Brahmaputra (potential link), which is now flowing northward to the lake. The channel’s extended southwest was connected to river Bharalu via Challabeel and Barchalabeel within Guwahati city.

In the past, this picturesque lake (pukhuri) was created with objectives of navigation and settlement. There is a belief that, the ancient town of Pragjyotishpur (potential link) flourished on this old arm of the Brahmaputra.

Some facts are supporting it :

Many evidence found on the bank of this ancient channel. Some of these are such as, a discovery of an inscribed terracotta sealing (used in trade and commerce), brick built tank datable to the Shunga-Kushana period at Ambari Archaeological site (potential link) and a copper plate inscription of Ahom king Gourinath Singha, which records the existence of a royal dockyard at Guwahati.

The last point I mentioned is not precise.But, Dighalipukhuri’s strategic location and the elongated archaeological plan makes it most suitable for the purpose.

General Information of the park

The total area of this place is in humongous 41 bighas approx (13.6 Acre). The length and breadth of the lake alone is 1260 ft and 470 ft respectively. I can guarantee, visiting once here is worth the time of yours.

Location :

It is in the Ambari area of Guwahati. This park is the centre of many beautiful places.

Let’s have a look :

To the South of Dighalipukhuri, the famous Assam State Museum of Guwahati is present; you can go there just by crossing the Gopinath Bordoloi road.

To the north, there is Guwahati Planetarium waiting for you. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes if you go by foot, via Hem Baruah Road that connects to MG Road. At MG Road turn right, it will lead you to the destination after few hundred meters of walking. There are other routes too, but this is the shortest one.

Another beautiful park, in the North-west direction certainly cannot be ignored. If you choose walking, it will mostly take 5 minutes.The shortest route is via Hem Baruah Road.You will see the Kamrup District Court while going to the park through this path.After 300-400 meters of walking, you will arrive at your destination.

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Tickets, Opening and Closing Time :

You will love to hear that the park charge minimum.Also, there is no closing day, i.e., it opens on every day. Please refer to the tables below:

CategoriesTicket Rates
AdultsRs 10 per head
ChildRs 5 per head
EquipmentsAdditional Charges
Still CameraRs 10
Video CameraRs 50
10 AM8 PM

Inside the Park :

After entering, the first thing that you will see right in front of your eyes is the enormous Dighalipukhuri. I am sure that you will start clicking photos the moment you enter in this beautiful park. Even I, who resides here for such a long time, cannot stop myself from taking photos.

Local people come here to spend some quality time. You will see that visitors are coming here, sitting peacefully, and enjoys the scenic beauty. I can assure that you will also feel the same.

Even, people who visit here can enjoy the boat riding facility as well. Personally saying, I have done it once and can say that it feels great. You will glide through the lake water and can have a 360° view of this enormous park. Additionally, the boats are paddle-boats. A hydrophobic should not try it.Now, coming down to some official details, please have a look at the table provided below:

SeasonRatesOpening - Closing
Summer​Adult - Rs 30, Child - Rs 2010 AM - 6:30 PM
WinterAdult - Rs 30, Child - Rs 2010 AM - 5 PM

Lastly, there is one more fun element you will find here :

Have you heard of Water Walking Ball?

If you don’t, then let me tell you about it. It is a particular ball that can float in water, and inside this ball, a person can enter which allows one to walk across the surface of a water body. Hope, it helps.

Anyway, have a look at the table below for details :

CategoriesTicket Rates per person
AdultRs 70
ChildRs 50


Here we conclude. At the very end, I want to say that you will find this place extraordinary. I, as a resident, adore this beautiful place, mixed with nature’s beauty and playful activities. People come here every day to spend some quality time, and try to get rid of a typical city life, consists of hustle and struggle. This place born with a solid historical background. I can guarantee, if you visit this place once, you will return home with good memories that will last forever. That’s why we include this as one of the best places to visit in Guwahati.

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