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Recommended Guwahati tourist places

Are you planning on taking a trip to Guwahati? Are you looking for the best tourist places to visit in Guwahati? Below are some of the best places to visit in Guwahati that will keep your trip enjoyable and memorable.

1. Kamakhya Temple

As one of the oldest temples in the country, it has a long history associated with it. The temple was built during the Mleccha dynasty between the 8th and 9th century. The leaders in the country at the time were avid followers of Tantrikism, and the temple was an esteemed place of worship. During the invasion by Hussein Sha of the Kamata Kingdom, the temple suffered some ruin until the 1500’s when it was revived as a place of worship. It is one of the important Hindu religion in Guwahati.

The temple is located on the Nilachal Hills. To get there, you can hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw from any part of the city. You can also use regular buses to arrive at the destination. Upon arrival, you should climb the rock-cut stairs at the bottom of the hill to reach the top.

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2. Umananda Temple

It is located in the middle of river Brahmaputra on the Peacock island, which is the smallest inhabited island in the world. To visit the island, you can use any of the country boats available any time of day. The temple was built by a devout Shaivaite, Ahom King Gadadhar Singha. In 1897, the original temple suffered a lot of damage from earthquakes, but it was later reconstructed with the interior featuring Vaisnavite slogans. As a tourist, seeking faith and experience, it is one of the best ​Guwahati tourist places we recommend to visit for sure. You can visit the temple using ferries or streamers found on the bank of river Brahmaputra. Read here to know more about this interesting place.

3. Assam State Zoo

It is one of the famous Guwahati tourist places with lots of endangered and rare species of animals to see. The zoo covers 130 acres and has numerous animal species such as white tigers, leopards, horned rhinos and much more. Since it is a massive complex, it also comes with a few eateries and rests points along the way. Visit the Assam state zoo, take lots of pictures and enjoy a day in the sun with these beautiful animal species.

4. Basistha Ashram

Basistha, also known as Guru Vashishta, is famous for writing the Vashishtha Ramayana (Behind The Scenes Ramayana). He is also responsible for creating the ashram, and it is where he took his last breath. The writings are part of most of the Indian households and most followers often visit the ashram to pay their respects to the guru. The architecture, the construction, and the beautiful surroundings blend beautifully to create a picturesque location for tourists.

5. ​G​​uwahati Planetarium

Located on MG road, it is one of the best places to visit if you’re an astronomy enthusiast. It is a collection of the expansive knowledge of the universe, everything you need to know and much more. There is regular sky watching sessions conducted at the planetarium as well as individual shows usually projected on the overhead dome shaped screen. These are some of the star attractions of the planetarium. These shows are available in English, Hindi, and Assamese with convenient timings where you can enjoy the show with your family, friends or alone.

6. ISKCON Guwahati

The international society for the Krishan consciousness is a religious organization founded in 1966 in New York City. They base their beliefs on the religious Hindu books of Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita. Currently, the society has received international recognition with numerous temples located all over the world. The ISKCON Guwahati is one of the places to visit if you’re in the city and is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

The temple was named after the wife to Lord Krishna, Shri Shri Rukmini Krishna and is located in the Ulubari Chariali hilltop in the city. The stunning look and architecture have been brought about by the start white marble used during construction. The temple is surrounded by lush green gardens where believers can spend their time meditating and affirming their beliefs.

Once you get inside the temple, you will find the deities of Rukmini and Krishna dressed up in beautiful attires. There are halls available inside the temple where the teachings of Vaishnavism are taught. Under the ISKCON temple, the primary teachings are based on the Hare Krishna mantra. There are also sessions on the beliefs of the ISKCON society.

Devotees can also enjoy the personality development classes, stress management classes, Gita classes and much more available in the temple. When you visit the temple, you will find devotees chanting the Krishna mantra and practicing other daily routines such as Aarti, Bhajans, Gita courses and much more. Anyone in the temple can join in the activities of the temple, regardless of their religion and caste.

7. Assam State Museum

Also referred to as Assam Rajyik State Museum, it is located in the middle of Guwahati. It is currently, one of the most renowned museums in the northeastern part of India. The museum provides more insight into the ancient culture and rich history of the Indian people as well as the modern history. The strategic location in the middle of the city attracts lots of history enthusiasts and tourists in the city.

The museum was developed in 1940, during the British colonization of India. It was established by the Assam research society to display the sculptures, history, and handicrafts of the Indian people. Developed when Kanklal Baruah was president, the state acquired it after his death in 1953. Currently, the museum has an extensive collection of sculptures and artifacts dating as far back as the 5th century. There are also some new artifacts from the 2nd World war.

The museum has been divided into various sections with each part showing different parts of history. In the manuscript section, you will find the ancient Assamese, Myanmarese and Tai manuscripts. These old documents were transcribed on the barks of trees and have been well-preserved in the museum. There’s also the ammunition and arms section with an extensive collection of armors and swords from various periods in history. There’s also an array of weaponry used in the Second World War. There’s also the weaponry collection from the Ahom dynasty in the 1200’s.

There’s also the pre historic terracotta section with a display of the renowned sculptors in the Indus Valley civilization. It also features some of the terracotta objects collected from different areas of the Northeast India. The metallic sculptures and numismatics section has a vast collection of metal relics of Goddess Durga, Vishnu, Buddha and also coins from the Ahom and Mughal dynasty.

The epigraphy section contains a collection of copper and stone inscriptions from the 5th to 18th century. The natural history section has the natural biodiversity history of the country such as the life of the one-horned rhino. There are also some reconstructed tribal huts, handmade objects, and handicrafts of the North-Eastern part of India. There’s a conservation lab opened in 1984 with the sole purpose of conserving the present collection of artifacts and sculptures in the museum.

8.Dighalipukhuri Tank

If I am given to choose a word for describing this place, then that word will be ‘Unique’. It is one of a kind.The beautiful scenery, cool breeze, lovely atmosphere and peaceful surroundings make this possible.I can keep going but let’s pause it here.

First, let’s start with the meaning of the name of this beautiful place.In Assamese, ‘Dighal’ means Long or stretched and ‘Pukhuri’ means a small water body like a lake. It is worth mentioning here; a site is a unit of Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Read more

9. Guwahati Bhimeswar Dham

We often get bored of the hectic city life. So sometimes we wanted to go somewhere away from city life and spent some time in serenity. What about a place where we find serenity, peace of mind and devotion. Yes, you are thinking right, Bhimeswar Dham is the example of it.

10. Nehru Park 

Nehru Park of Guwahati is a tremendous place to visit with family, parents, friends, your co-mates, etc. It is also a good place for the newly weds couple. If you are going on a date for the first time, then, you should go to this place in the evening time. The lighting of this area will light up your soul as well as make you more romantic. It helps you to feel comfortable with your beloved. Moreover, children of kindergarten and primary schools also come here. Teachers from different schools bring their students to this park for their amusement, as it has a beautiful play area for children.

11. War Cemetery

Guwahati War Cemetery is in Silpukhuri dwells at the foot of Nabaghar hill or Citrachal hill. It is a crematory of the soldiers of World War II. That is why it is dedicated to those soldiers who died in World War II. Popularly known as Guwahati War Cemetery. Read more about it here.

12. Regional Science Museum

Regional Science Centre is popularly known amongst the mass as Science Museum. It is located at Khanapara area of Guwahati. The centre is under the units of National Council of Science museum functioned by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It was inaugurated on 15th March in 1994.

13. War Memorial

War Memorial is a temple for the martyr of India who fought for it and died for their motherland. It is dedicated to the martyrs. This place shows those soldiers’ love and respect for their homeland. This site aims to spread the message of patriotism among the mass and to make young generation know about the history of great martyrs. Its foundation was laid on 18th May in 2015 and was open for the visitors in December of 2016.

14. Bhubaneswari Temple

The temple was created as a dedication to the goddess Bhuvaneshwari. It s a white shrine located on top of a hill adjacent to the city and often draws a lot of religious pilgrims. While you’re at the temple, you should have a panoramic view of the entire city. You will see the magnificent view of the sunset on the Brahmaputra river, one of the reasons it’s among the top tourist attractions in the city.

15. Pandu

While you’re in Guwahati, you should visit the suburban town of Pandu, named after King Pandu. He was the father of the famous 5 Pandavas. The Pandunath temple is located in the Tila Hills and has also been dedicated to King Pandu. The temple also contains the 5 Ganesha idols representing the 5 Pandavas. There’s a myth that during their exile, the 5 Pandavas found sanctuary in Pandu by being disguised as Ganesha. You should also find numerous other idols, dedicated to other Hindu deities.

16. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

It is home to the largest population of one-horned rhinos in the world. If you’re enthusiastic about wildlife, the sanctuary is the place to visit when in Guwahati. Besides the population of one-horned rhinos, the place has an amazing birdlife. It is a popular tourist attraction in Guhawati, especially because of it is strategically located close to the city.

The sanctuary covers an area of 38 square kilometers and is a magnificent blend of greenery and wilderness. You will enjoy the refreshing breeze from the lower Himalayas and the lush green and ambient environment of the sanctuary. It will surely connect you one on one with nature. You can view the endangered one horned rhino species while on jeep safaris or elephant back.

You can visit the sanctuary between November and February since the climate is chilly at night but pleasant during the day. Make sure you’re well covered for protection from the cold, especially during the months of December and January. Avoid visiting the sanctuary during the monsoon periods since the region is prone to flash floods, making the area impossible to travel. You can reach the sanctuary by air, rail or road conveniently.

17. Umananda Island

It is one of the smallest islands in the world and has a lot of legends to go along with it. Here, man and wilderness cohabit harmoniously, and it lies in the Brahmaputra River, flowing right in the middle of Guwahati. Also known as peacock island, the islands host a few endangered species, considered sacred among the local people.

One of the legends about the island is that the Lord Kamdev was burnt to ashes by the third eye of Lord Shiva. It was a punishment for trying to disrupt the latter’s meditation practice. One of the main attractions of the island includes the Umananda Devi temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. During religious festivals, the island receives a lot of Hindu faithful.

18. Kaziranga National Park

It is home to the one-horned rhinos and has been declared a world heritage site. It has a versatile bio diversity, part of the reason why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The national park is home to gibbons, sloth bears, swamp deer, wild buffalos, elephants, leopards, squirrels and many more animals. It is a renowned tiger reserve, being home to the Indian tiger. If you’re a bird lover, you can watch the birdlife in the park. You can move around the park in SUVs or jeeps or arrange for elephant rides for ultimate fun.

19. Haajo

It is a renowned pilgrim center in the world, an attraction for three main religions which are the Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists. The shrines in the center have been dedicated to deities such as Buddha, Vishnu, Durga, Shiva and many Muslim saints. It is found on the river banks of the Brahmaputra, a few kilometers from the city. There are some sacred artifacts spread across the region and a lot of religious devotees flock to the area during major festivals.

20. Dispur

Located near the city, the ancient city is yet another tourist attraction in Guwahati you should visit when in the region. Here, you can enjoy beautiful cascading waterfalls and also the trekking trail. There’s also the famous Shankaradev Kalashetra museum, one of the cultural places in the city. You can witness a few festivals and cultural programs, allowing you to learn more about the local people. You can also visit the Garbhanga reserve located quite close to the town and home to many elephants.

If it’s your first time visiting the city of Guwahati, you can enjoy these and many more tourist attractions. Additionally, you can always hire a local guide to take you around to make sure you don’t miss anything. Enjoy the trip with your family, alone or with friends and learn more about the city of Guwahati.

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